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The waters off the coasts of Cambodia offer lots of wonderful scuba diving opportunities.  These parts of the warm tropical ocean are home to an astonishing variety of amazing underwater creatures.  From the splendors of the lush coral reefs perpetually changing form and colors with the proliferation of life-forms and fishes that frolic around them to the monstrous yet peaceful Whale Shark, and the occasional visit of the majestic sunfish, each diving experience promises a different reward altogether.

The islands of Koh Koun , Koh Rung Samloem,  Koh Tang , Koh Domlong, just to name a few, are surrounded by clear emerald green water.   These rain forested Islands set in the azure tropical waters off the Bay of Sihanouk Ville have also some of the best beaches in the world; pristine white sand and not over-crowded.  Diving in Cambodia offers a sense of adventure over diving elsewhere in the region.  For you wanting a more enjoyable dive and not seeing too much of other divers’ bubbles, Cambodia is the place to come to for true diving pleasures.  Many dive companies in Cambodia offer authorized PADI and SSI courses from beginner to instructor.

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