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Crocodile Farm

It is located in Wat Sway Village, Sway Dongkum commune, Siem Reap, opening time is from 7:00 to 9:00, and entrance fee is 3 USD. The farm is run by government in order to raise the crocodiles captured in the Tonle Sab Lake. In the peak period, it is said that there are nearly 1000 crocodiles in the small farm; later, because of the financial problem, some of the crocodiles are resold to the crocodile skin dealer, leading to the decrease of the crocodile number at the present. However, there are still many crocodiles. There is a place for buying feed, even live chickens and ducks can be bought at here to fee the crocodile, but it is a little bit cruel.

Angkor Silk Farm

It is situated in Tortea Village, Knoberiel Commune, Siem Reap. The silkworm breeding and silk center has the English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish guides to guide visitors to visit the farm. The silk farm is not the only one silk farm, but it is more special at here, and the uniqueness is that the whole process uses the traditional manual method to produce, including sericulture, spinning, dyeing and weaving. Traditional dyeing process uses the natural dye, and the unexpected thing is that one of the elements to produce the black color is the iron nail. There are café and store at here, various silk cloth and general cargo are available here.

Angkor Golf Resort

It is situated in Kasekam Village, Sra Nga Commune, Siem Reap. The golf course with the 7279 miles, 18 holes, storage rooms, bathrooms, restaurants and other facilities is the world class golf course designed by English designer Nick Faldo with own hands. The second hole and the thirteenth hole are the most well-known holes. It is said that many officials are the regular guests at here.

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